The 49€-Ticket for students

FAQ about the Deutschlandticket (just german):

What will happen to the semester ticket when the Deutschlandticket is introduced?

When will the Deutschlandticket be introduced?
Presumably on 01.05. (as of 19.01.23)

What will happen to the Semesterticket when the Deutschlandticket is introduced?
After many discussions, (special) meetings and negotiations, the student parliaments of FAU, THN, EvHN and HfM have decided to continue the Semesterticket in the summer semester of 2023.

Why is the semester ticket being continued?
Many different options were examined. In the end, there were two options:
1) Suspending the semester ticket and thus risking a gap when the Deutschlandticket is introduced after 01.04. and many students having to pay up to 235€ (monthly value mark education tariff) for one (!) month for using public transport.   
2) Continuation of the semester ticket at the existing conditions, which we were able to improve significantly from this winter semester onwards (among other things, validity of the basic ticket already from 6 p.m. or Fridays from 5 p.m. and the possibility of suspending the fee in the case of semesters off).
After long discussions, we decided to continue the semester ticket in the summer semester, as did the Munich student representatives with a similar ticket model, with clear majorities. As things stand at the moment, an introduction on 01.04. seems to be almost out of the question; at the moment, 01.05. is being discussed as the start date. Under these circumstances, it would not have been justifiable for many students to be burdened with such high costs for using public transport. In addition, there are still EU legal checks to be carried out, among other things.

Where can I get the basic ticket and the additional ticket?
Both tickets can be purchased in the VGN online shop. To use the basic ticket, it must first be validated and downloaded in the online shop. An additional photo ID is always required. The additional ticket will presumably only be sold online in the 2023 summer semester, as this is the only way to ensure an automatic upgrade to the 49€ Deutschlandticket.

Will students still get the 49€ Deutschlandticket?
The VGN assures that, if the regulations of the federal and state governments allow it, students with an additional ticket will automatically receive the Deutschlandticket from when the Deutschlandticket starts until the end of the summer semester. According to our information, the chances of this happening are very good. (In Munich, for example, this has not yet been clarified).

Will I be credited the difference to the Deutschlandticket?
If the Deutschlandticket starts on 01.04., students would pay 5€ more than the regular rate (77€ basic ticket + 222€ additional ticket = 299€ vs. 6x49€ = 294€). For later starts, the amount is of course lower. We are working to ensure that this difference benefits the students - unfortunately, it was no longer possible to regulate it directly in the short time available.

Can I also join the 49€ Deutschlandticket after the start of the semester?
We advocate that even if you join the Deutschlandticket at a later date, the basic contribution you have paid will be credited. The introduction of the ticket must not put students at a disadvantage!

What does the announcement of the 29€ ticket mean?
We were pleased to hear the CSU's announcement that there will be a 29€ ticket for students (valid throughout Germany) from the winter semester 2023/24. We hope that this is not an empty promise, as it was also promised at the last state election in 2018. We hope that it is not an empty promise, but that it will really be implemented this time. We don't know any more details at the moment.