Before the student semesterticket can be implemented, there are some steps to take first.
A very important aspect is the approval of the students. A contract between the student services and the Transportation Authority of Nuremberg (VGN) can only be realized if a majority of the students support the offered student semesterticket.

But there are several other things that need to be done until the implementation, too.

We pursue the following scheme: 



In 2012 the VGN has commissioned a passenger survey. Based on the results of the survey the VGN calculates the prices of the tickets. The survey was designed to identify which tickets are used by students, so the VGN is able to calculate its income generated by students. This is the basis of all the following negotiations.  


October/November 2014

After extensive negotiations between VGN, student services, universities, city of Nuremberg, city of Erlangen, city of Fürth and members of the Alliance for action Semesterticket, a final offer was made on November 7th, 2014. We decided to submit this offer to the students, so they can decide whether this student semesterticket should be implemented. 

January 2015

The ticket will only be implemented if the majority of the the students at each university support this ticket. That is why there will be a ballot vote for all universities in Erlangen and Nuremberg. For the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg and TH Nürnberg the online ballot vote will be held from 12th January to 21st January. Students of the Evangelische Hochschule Nürnberg, Akademie der bildenden Künste and Hochschule für Musik will have a ballot vote in the summer semester 2015.

Spring / Summer 2015

If the students accept the offer of the VGN, further details can be arranged. The Bavarian Ministry of Economic Affairs has to approve of the offer as well. Furthermore it needs to be clarified, in which form the student semesterticket will be made available.

October 2015

The ticket can be offered starting winter semester 2012/16.


One year later: The sales of the supplement ticket will be analyzed. If less than the assumed 37.7% of the students bought the supplement ticket there need to be negotiations about future funding and prices of the student semesterticket. If more student than anticipated bought the supplement ticket, the prices can be adjusted downwards.