The 49€-Ticket for students

What is the €29 ticket? A Germany ticket with a €20 discount for all trainees, volunteers and students in Bavaria. The 29€ ticket can be purchased as a monthly cancelable subscription from the local transport association (VGN in our case). Verification will probably take place with the student ID. The 29€ ticket is a success of our and your work over the last year, as we have successfully put pressure on politicians through surveys, petitions, press work and numerous talks together with Munich students. When will the 29€ ticket be introduced? For students, it will come in the winter semester 2023/24, starting 01.10. Where can I get the €29 ticket? As in the summer semester, the ticket will be offered in the apps "VGN Fahrplan & Tickets" and "Nürnberg Mobil". The ticket can always be purchased until the 25th of the respective month. Do not buy the ticket last minute, because verification can take a while. For the ticket to be valid, you always need an identity document. We are campaigning for the ticket to be offered as a chip card as well. If you want to support us, please send us an email ( Do I have to cancel the 49€ ticket? It depends. If you have the Deutschlandticket as an upgrade of the additional ticket: no. If you bought the Deutschlandticket separately: yes. The cancellation deadline is always the 10th of the previous month, i.e. 10.09. in order to change to the 29€ ticket on 01.10. We will try to obtain an extended goodwill period. Is the basic ticket still available? No, the student parliaments decided to suspend the contract because the VGN did not make an adequate offer. Within three years we can return to the old model if, for example, the price of the Deutschlandticket increases enormously. How high is the semester fee now? The semester fee for the winter semester only includes the student union fee, which is currently €67. The share of the basic ticket has been dropped for the time being. Why was it decided not to continue the basic ticket? The semester ticket model was always a compromise so that students could use public transport at a reduced price. In order for the maximum amount to be reduced, everyone paid in solidarity - but this argument no longer applies, as the maximum amount is now 29€ per month with and without the basic ticket. The aim of a semester ticket is also to reduce the cost of trips to the university, but the current basic ticket does not serve this purpose, as it can mostly only be used for leisure transport. We do not consider solidarity-based financing of leisure transport without added value for university journeys to be justified and have suggested to the VGN that the basic ticket be offered for journeys during the day. The VGN - for its own financial considerations - did not make us an alternative offer. What were the ideas of the student representatives? We wanted to keep the solidarity model with the basic ticket, but primarily use it to finance university trips. We suggested changing the times of the basic ticket, for example, to 8am-8pm, reducing the price and including the VAG bike. In return, we offered to introduce a spatial and seasonal limitation, e.g. only the core zone Erlangen-Fürth-Nuremberg or to limit the validity of the basic ticket to the lecture period. We also wanted to allow children to travel with us - as requested by the survey last year - and to allow exemption for medical students in Bayreuth. The VGN has rejected all proposals without further compensation from the Free State and has only offered us the basic card in its current form. Why was there no ballot? Because we didn't get an offer for a basic ticket that would have justified its continuation and therefore not enough to even put it to a ballot. Our conducted survey of 2022 gives us the basic for our decision. What do you think about the development? The 29€ ticket is a huge success of our work and a clear improvement! Public transport for students in Bavaria has never been as cheap as it will be now with 174€ per semester - nationwide. The fact that it can be paid for and cancelled at any time is also positive. Unfortunately, with every development there are winners and losers. For example, free bike transport (on buses, undergrounds and trams in ER/N/FÜ) has been abolished. It will also become much more expensive for regular users of the Basic Card (e.g. weekend commuters). What will happen to bicycle transport? The free bicycle transport (on bus, underground, tram in ER/N/FÜ), which is included in the basic ticket, will be abolished. We advocate that the €29 ticket also includes free minutes with the VAG bike as with the Deutschlandticket. However, from 01.01.2024, bike transport in Bavaria will be significantly cheaper and should only cost €1 per journey - a success of the petition for a referendum "Radentscheid Bayern". Shouldn't there be a nationwide semester ticket? Bavaria went it alone in the election year. Nevertheless, there are currently nationwide plans for a uniform semester ticket. This is to include a discount of 40% on the Deutschlandticket, which would mean €29.40 per month. However, this is to be a full-solidarity ticket, i.e. only at universities where all students purchase the ticket jointly for six months. This has the advantage that price increases for the Deutschlandticket will only affect the student ticket proportionately. Unfortunately, this is only possible with difficulty in Bavaria - due to the lack of a "constituted student body" - and is currently much less attractive than the Bavarian model. Therefore, we hope that the Free State of Bavaria will continue the 29€ ticket in the future. Unfortunately, the nationwide model was only talked about, but not with students. As students, we demand to be involved here. What are the current student demands? - A price stability of the 29€ ticket for at least two years. - That the 29€ ticket is also available as a chip card - A good offer for a basic ticket from the VGN from the summer semester 2024 onwards - Participation in the development of a nationwide semester ticket. - That the Germany-wide fully solidary semester ticket costs a maximum of 19€ per month (then we can discuss it instead of the 29€-ticket) - The introduction of the constituted student body in Bavaria, so that we can conclude contracts ourselves.