The 9€-Ticket for students

Important: Basic ticket = 9€ ticket; students with semesterticket (at Erlangen-Nürnberg with Basic ticket) do not have to purchase an extra 9€-ticket

Facts in general:

  1. the 9€-ticket is available for 9€ per month in June, July and August.
  2. you can use it on regional trains all over Germany (not ICE/IC/EC)
  3. students with a semester ticket do not have to buy or download an additional ticket, the semester ticket is recognised nationwide (by the way, every semester ticket, even if they were cheaper than 9€)
  4. with the basic ticket in the VGN (also in the MVV), you can also travel 24/7 in the three months without closing times - i.e. also to the college/university.

Facts Basic ticket:

  1. the basic ticket in Erlangen-Nuremberg has a value of 12,50€ (75€/6) per month, so everyone has paid 10,50€ too much.
  2. how this will be refunded or credited will be clarified on Monday 23.05.
  3. To use it, the basic ticket must be downloaded from before the start of the journey

Facts about the additional card:

  1. the additional card will be set to zero for 3 months, so everyone with an additional ticket will get €103.50 back.
  2. if you bought your ticket online via VGN-Shop or Handyticket, the amount will automatically be transferred to your account.
  3. if you bought your ticket at a ticket machine, you have to go to the customer centre of the respective operator and submit an application (purchase at DB ticket machines: DB Customer Centre; VAG ticket machines: VAG Customer Centre)
  4. Students with additional ticket get a total refund of 114€ (10,50€+113,50€) but it will be refunded in different ways!

How far to Sylt?
The whole of Germany meets in Sylt in summer!
From Erlangen it takes at least 12h40 and 5 changes to get to Sylt (Westerland).
From Nuremberg it takes at least 12h55 and 5 changes to get to Sylt (Westerland).

And after the 9€ ticket:
Currently, students pay 564€ per year to use the whole VGN 24/7 - pupils and trainees only 365€.
We are continuing to collect signatures so that we have to use public transport cheaper after the 9€ ticket and pay 200€ less.
In Baden-Württemberg, for example, people in training will be able to travel for €365 in the whole state from March '23 - currently unthinkable in Bavaria.
You can sign on Saturday at the Long Night of Science at the AStA of the TH Nuremberg (Keßlerplatz 12, HA 0.10) or at the ÖkoRefs flea market stand in the castle garden in Erlangen.

More and actual information you find soon at, and here at

Your AK Semesterticket from FAU, THN, EvHN and HfM